Hi, my name is Hannah and honestly I don't know where to start. I wanted to create this blog to showcase my fashion, but every time I went to start it I knew my sense of fashion was not the only thing that needed to be shown. This blog will have a lot of fashion, trust me, however, I like to talk...a lot, I like to talk about faith, and food and just living. I would describe myself as an extremely passionate person, some may even say too passionate,but it's just how I am. I named this blog the beginning of Hannah because I think every day is a new beginning, there's not a day you wake up that the ability to turn your life around is not at your fingertips, whether you change what you wear, or who you love, or what you eat, everyday YOU are in control. I suppose I will start with a few things about myself...

                         I have a crazy love for God, and I am not ashamed of this belief. I have had so many instances where God has made himself crazy evident in my life. There are many things my family has gone through where God has laid his hands on us, and saved our lives. I will make the note now that I am not perfect and never will be, I serve a perfect God, and nothing could match that. I believe God has put me on this Earth to spread His love, I am not here to beat others with a bible because that was not God's intent, I do my best to have some portion of God's love shine through me, because God is a loving God.

                       I have a very close knit family, we do a lot together, and we trust each other a ton. This does not mean we don't get heated with each other at times, but it does mean they are always there.

                      I have danced for 15 years (and counting!) and have no plans of ever stopping, it was my first love and nothing can explain the way it makes me feel. My dance family is honestly part of my family and I love them to death. This year I have had the opportunity to get paid for my choreography and it is the most amazing feeling in the world, it is my passion and all of my emotions go into dance.I do compete and I do all styles except for ballroom.

                      My fashion varies a ton, some days I dress super preppy, and others I dress really grunge, there's really no words to describe how I dress I just think it's pretty unique. I also really love doing hair and makeup.

                     I think it's safe to safe I am addicted to being healthy, don't let this be categorized as an unhealthy addiction, but I love feeling healthy and strong. I really love nutrition, and I believe God gave me this body to take care of and love because we are made in His image and we are capable of so many amazing things.

I am honestly in love with life and I know that it can be hard, trust me, but I promise life has so many amazing possibilities. I am excited to see what this new beginning brings.

                                       Yours Truly,